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Your blood alcohol content, also referred to as BAC, is the measurement Jacksonville law enforcement officers use to determine if a person is drunk while driving. In Florida driving with a blood alcohol content level of .08 or over will result in DUI charges.

Blood alcohol content can be measured via breath, blood or urine tests. The breath test is the easiest test to administer in the field and therefore the most frequently used. It is important to note that although the name implies that this test is measuring the amount of alcohol in your blood, it is actually measuring the amount of alcohol in your breath. This fact, in addition to other known issues with the breathalyzer such as how well it is maintained, how recently you had a drink, how long the officer made you blow into the breathalyzer and other factors can lead to an improper reading of blood alcohol content levels.

If you took a blood alcohol content test in Jacksonville, whether it was a breath, urine or blood test, and you registered a .08 or above blood alcohol content level, you need a Jacksonville DUI attorney immediately to fight against a DUI conviction. Call The Lonker Law Group today.

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